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Discover the Beauty of Handmade

Erin’s passion lies in the belief that the design process is an ever-evolving journey. For her, the true magic happens in the exploration of design and in the process of bringing those designs to life. It is through this process that discoveries are made, and intricate details are meticulously crafted.


Respecting classical traditions while embracing contemporary styles and attitudes, Erin's furniture designs seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. Her formal education at The Krenov School for Fine Furniture has instilled in her a deep appreciation for high-quality natural materials and traditional techniques.


Drawing inspiration from nature's organic beauty, Erin incorporates elemental shapes and plays with negative and positive space. This interplay of forms creates a dynamic visual experience, evoking a sense of harmony and balance. By embracing natural forms, Erin infuses her designs with a touch of the organic world, inviting a deep connection between the viewer and the object.

"The understanding eye sees the maker's fingerprints. They are evident in every detail... Leave Fingerprints."

James Krenov

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