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Furniture Designer and Woodworker

Erin Irber is based on the Northern California Coast. Formally trained in the craft of fine woodworking, Erin’s practice revolves around an ethos of stewardship – of both materials and craft.

Every piece of furniture is handmade.

Erin believes that the design process is an evolution. It is within the process of both design and in making that discoveries are made and details are brought to life. The furniture designed respect classical tradition and at the same time reflect contemporary styles and attitudes. As a nod to her formal education at The Krenov School for Fine Furniture, Erin uses high- quality natural materials and traditional techniques. The furniture is designed to compliment space, bring texture and warmth to a room and is intended to stand the test of time. Erin’s designs combine elemental shapes, a play between negative and positive space and derives inspiration from natural forms.

Her work has been featured in woodworking publications and has been shown across the country. Furthering her craft, she worked as a fabricator in the Architectural Woodworking field building designs from AD featured Architectural Firms.

The pleasure and satisfaction of working with her hands inspires Erin to create useful and beautiful objects.

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"The understanding eye sees the maker's fingerprints. They are evident in every detail... Leave Fingerprints."

James Krenov

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