Furniture Designer and Woodworker

Erin Irber's story began in her father's wood shop in Montara, CA, a small coastal town located 30 minutes south of San Francisco. Feeling the pull for a more creative life, she learned the fundamentals of woodworking under her father's mentorship. She built several pieces of furniture and quickly realized she discovered her passion. 

Wanting more hand tool experience, she attended two years of The Krenov School 9 month program. The Krenov School, founded by James Krenov author of A Cabinetmaker's Notebook, is a world renowned school for fine woodworking and revered for their 9 month program.

Erin's work has been featured in woodworking publications and has shown across the country. Furthering her craft, she worked as a fabricator in the Architectural Woodworking field building designs from AD featured

Architectural Firms.

The pleasure and satisfaction of working with her hands inspires Erin to create useful and beautiful objects.


"The understanding eye sees the maker's fingerprints. They are evident in every detail... Leave Fingerprints."

James Krenov

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