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What is handcrafted?

Each piece made is thoughtfully designed and made. Handcrafted implies a certain dexterity with hand-tools and benchwork. It is a balance of refinement and leaving behind a bit of the human element. Erin Irber Woodwork melds this with an expertise in traditional joinery and construction techniques.

An Artisans’ Process:​

  • Mock-ups and scale drawings

  • Picking out lumber and laying out parts for appropriate use of wood-grain graphics 

  • Milling up the material, figuring out joinery, creating jigs and mocking up complicated joinery.

  • Fabrication

  • Hand-tooling and bench-work

  • Finishing

Arc Collection

Made-to-order works have already been designed, priced and can be ordered. Lead times are generally quoted as 60 days but are subject to change.

How to purchase

All work requires a 50% deposit to begin work. Lead times begin with the receipt of the deposit and finalization of the design work.

Commission Work

Commission work allows you to engage Erin Irber Woodwork to design a custom piece.  

Be aware there are several steps in commission work. Once the scope of the project is understood, an estimated range is given. The design process begins and all design work is non-refundable. After a design is come to, a truer estimate is given. All work estimates are subject to change. 


Using traditional joinery, high-quality materials with appropriate current furniture making techniques, our furniture is built to last more than a lifetime - and become heritage pieces.

Lead Times

Lead times are quoted on a by project basis and are subject to change.

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